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Simple Retirement Party Planning

A retirement party is used to honor the life and career of a co-worker that has decided to leave the workforce after many years of service. This type of party allows others to show their appreciation for the years of service and accomplishments the retiree has had during his or her career. It is important to ensure the party reflects …

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Setting the Mood for Your Party

One of the biggest factors for the success of your party is achieving the correct mood. The perfect mood can be achieved in a variety of ways but there are typically several key factors that can help ensure it happens. Utilize these key requirements to help make your party a success.

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How to Plan a Surprise Party

Putting together a surprise party can be a rewarding experience that shows an individual how much you care. If you have a friend or loved one that is vehemently against parties, a surprise party may be the only way to get them to attend. Follow these steps, and keep them a secret, to pull off the best surprise party ever. …

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Promoting Events on Facebook

The introduction of Facebook Events has made getting the word out about your event easier than ever. With features, such as RSVP and sharing capabilities, guests and potential guests can create buzz about your upcoming event and aid in promotion efforts. By following these simple tips, Facebook can be utilized to successfully promote your event. Optimize Your Event Page When …