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Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Venue

During your wedding planning journey, it is inevitable that you will be touring multiple potential wedding venues. To ensure that you aren’t settling and can find the venue that most closely meets your needs, there are certain questions that must be asked. Here are the questions to ask your potential wedding venue! How Many Hours Are Included? With a wedding …

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Class Reunion Activity Ideas

If you are involved in the planning of a class reunion or responsible for hosting it, you probably already know how important icebreakers are to getting the event started. After an extended period of time away from classmates many attendees will probably be reserved and need encouragement to get comfortable. Try these activities to help get the party started!

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Wedding Reception Venue Considerations

When looking at wedding reception venues there are a few key considerations that must be accounted for. By ensuring general necessities are under control, you can plan for the perfect wedding reception. Take these considerations into accounts when searching for the perfect wedding reception venue.

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Planning a Company Picnic

Over time, the company picnic has become a favorite tradition in the corporate world. When successful, a company picnic will include planned activities that help bring employees together and strengthen the existing team bond. This event can be held for an entire company or focus on a single department.