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Don’t Be Afraid to Celebrate: Tips for Partying Safely

As the world navigates new and uncertain times, it’s more important than ever before to find joy in every little thing. The well-being, health, and safety of people remains the top priority at Stokely Event Center. We are doing everything we can to keep our employees and community safe while we continue to support our customers and find joy in every new day. 

Stokely Event Center Safety Measures

Stokely Event Center has strict protocols in place for keeping our facility sterile and safe for you and your guests. We have implemented thorough disinfection of all furniture and spaces after each event. We have also placed sanitary products at every entrance. You can rest assured that your health and safety is our #1 goal. For those of you that have previously scheduled an event with us, we are dedicated to making you feel comfortable moving forward. If you prefer to postpone and reschedule your event, simply call us and we’ll make it happen. 

Tips for Safe Celebrations

There are a lot of new and creative ways to ensure that your plans stay in place. Here are a few things to consider when making adjustments for your up and coming celebration. 

Hire professionals for catering and food-related aspects

Professional caterers and restaurants already have strict health and safety codes and guidelines that must be followed on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to ask your catering company or restaurant questions. For example: What safety precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of you and your guests? Additionally, using things like disposable dishware and silverware is accepted and encouraged for your event. 

Space out the tables

Lowering the number on your guest list is 100% okay. Remember that safety is the most important thing. In doing this, it becomes easier to space out the seating and tables at your event. This is an ideal way to make everyone in attendance feel a little more comfortable. Communicate clearly with your guests and assure them that their safety and comfort is vitally important. If you are aware of elderly guests that may be concerned or uneasy about attending, tell them it’s okay to stay home. Everyone is different, so be positive and understanding in anyone’s hesitation and decision not to attend. 

The benefits of Facetime and Zoom calls

Sometimes people simply can’t make it to your event or feel more comfortable staying at home, but not to worry! Consider setting aside a special time during your event for Facetime or Zoom sessions with those that are unable to celebrate with you! This is an incredible way to take advantage of the benefit of technology and spread a little more cheer with those at home or far away. 

Implement your own safety measures

Stokely Event Center is ensuring that our event space is safe and sanitized for your event. However, it’s also a great idea to have your own safety measures in place for your and your guest’s peace of mind. Whether it be masks, air hugs, or a strict no-high-five policy, setting a few parameters ahead of time will make everyone feel comfortable and excited for your celebration. 

It’s key to remember the importance of celebrating life and those around us. We know it can be hard to navigate through uncertain times, but don’t be afraid to keep up those positive vibes and continue to celebrate life, loved ones, and milestones. For those of you that have rescheduled your events with us, rest assured that we are ready to safely host your party. You’re ready to celebrate, and we will be here for you.