Tulsa Event Center

Christmas in July


We know what you’re thinking… it’s the middle of summer, it’s hot, and Christmas seems ages away. While we’re all about enjoying those carefree summer months, we also encourage everyone to plan ahead! Why push all of the stress of planning a work or corporate Christmas party to November? —With Thanksgiving to keep in mind, it’s a month that’s stressful enough as it is! Here are a few tips for beginning your planning process now… You’ll really thank us later!

Go ahead and choose your date, time, and venue!

By nailing down these specifics so early, you’re already ahead of schedule. Not only will you have more time to prep and plan, you can go ahead and put this set date on your corporate calendar! This gives every employee, family member, and significant other more than enough time to mark their calendars. Plus, everybody loves a fun event to look forward to.

Stokely Event Center allows you to book our space from up to a year before your event date! Simply call us or come by and check out the space, and we’ll set you up with the perfect date— mid-holiday season! Our venue space comes equipped with fun décor, lighting, a projector, a sound system, and not to mention a clean-up crew to help minimize your stress on the night of. We’re ready to help streamline your party-planning needs.


By starting your event plan as early as July, this gives you more time to make the fun decisions without the stress of a looming timeline. Take your time deciding on what invitations you want to use, how you plan to present them, and when you should begin sending them out. If you choose a virtual invitation option, most evite services offer the ability to design, test run, and set a future send-date. That way, once your details are nailed down you can simply set it all up, and the rest is already taken care of! Just like that, another item checked off your list!

Food, Games, and Decorations

Starting early also means getting a better handle on games, catering, and what sort of decorations you hope to incorporate. If you plan to play gift-giving games like a White Elephant swap or even Dirty Santa, be sure to include that information, the guidelines, and all the details on the invitation.

While it may be tough to find Christmas decorations just yet, scoping out your venue space and getting a general idea of what you will need or want is ideal. By doing so, you can begin a list so that when those Christmas decorations do show up on shelves, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.

Along with games and décor, it’s never too early to nail down the menu and start enlisting help. Maybe you want to have a potluck theme and have everyone bring a favorite holiday dish. Or perhaps catering from a local restaurant for a more relaxed and formal feel is the way to go. Either way, not only will you be thankful you planned everything so far in advance, so will all of your guests. Here’s to celebrating the holidays with friends and co-workers in a well-planned and stress-free Christmas party. Happy Christmas in July!