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Event Planning Entrepreneurs Guide

Event Planning Entrepreneurs GuideIn recent years, special events planning has become a widespread industry. It is estimated that nearly $500 billion is spent worldwide each year on event planning services. Now more than ever, the event planning industry is a goldmine for young entrepreneurs with party experience. With a few simple tasks to get started, breaking into this industry is easy!

Determine a Niche

Most event planners only focus on certain types of events, such as weddings, corporate events and promotional events. Once a niche market is determined most other pieces of the puzzle will fall into place as clients begin seeking event planning services. Most individuals will hire event planners if they feel unqualified to plan or simply don’t have the time to do so.

Tasks of Event Planners

Event planners can cover as little tasks as needed for a particular event, but most often will cover all aspects of planning and execution. There are many factors to take into account when planning an event and, most often, planners will work off of checklists to cover every minute detail.

Design Event Creation

The planner is most often expected to expound a general creative idea for the event. This means that individuals can give a complete or vague idea of what the event is meant to convey and the planner fleshes out the details. Having creativity will be a perk in this particular aspect.

Venue Placement

Depending on the size of the event, an event planner will need to adjust the venue based on attendance needs. This is generally done when creating invitations or a guest list to determine exact sizing needs for a comfortable event.

Food and Entertainment

Most often event planners will work with catering companies to devise a menu for an event. After a menu is created, the caterer will take over food portions with supervisory help from the event planner. Event planners are also responsible for securing entertainment for the event.

Site Supervision

Once the event has started the event planner job is not over. Event planners are responsible for making sure events go as planned without causing stress to the individual that requested services. Generally, the event planner will ask guests for feedback on how the event went depending on the event type.

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