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How to Choose Tulsa Venues | Stokely Event Center 

How to Choose Tulsa Venues | Stokely Event Center 

When it comes to selecting the ideal location for your event when there are so many Tulsa venues to choose from, the choice can seem overwhelming. At the end of the day, you just want a great event for your office, friends, or family, that everyone will love and enjoy. Apart from deciding to have an event in the first place, determining which of the available Tulsa venues you want to use is probably the next biggest decision. 

Because of this, we put together a brief guide to help you find the best place in your area for the big event that you have in mind. 

Tulsa Venues

Where is the Venue Located? 

Location, location, location. We can’t stress enough how important it is to find a venue in the right location. You might find an incredible venue, but what if it’s right beside train tracks, a bad area of town, or there is little to no parking available? Whenever possible, visit the location of your venue before you even think about booking it.  

If you have an event that will last late into the night, and many people will be visiting from out of town, make sure that there are good accommodation options available near to the venue. No one want’s to drive an hour back to their hotel after a long night of festivities. Be on the lookout for venues in the middle of busy cities. Based on the time of day, traffic could become crazy. Make sure this won’t interfere with your plans before booking the venue. 

How Much Does it Cost? 

Before touring a huge, luxurious facility, it’s good to quickly iron out the numbers and see how much a potential event at the venue would cost. Knowing the price beforehand can help you from becoming over-attached to a place just to find out that they ask an arm and a leg to cover the costs. 

Are There Maximum Capacity Limits? 

Many establishments have strictly enforced capacity limits in place due to fire regulations. If you plan on inviting all of your extended relatives and Facebook friends to any Tulsa venues, be sure to ask up front the limit on the number of people that can attend. If the number is too low, this could potentially be a huge upset if you forget to ask before you’re under contract with the venue. 

What is the Floor Plan Like? 

Based on the type of event that you’re planning to have, it’s important to know the exact floor plan of the Tulsa Venues that you’re considering. For weddings, in particular, you’ll need to make sure there is a proper area for an aisle, stage, and seating. If you plan on having your reception in the same venue, make sure there is a good area where tables can be set up. And don’t forget, you’ll also want to leave enough room for dancing! 

Does the Venue Require Insurance?

This is a question almost no one thinks to ask, but it’s actually fairly common that some Tulsa venues will require you to have liability insurance before they will do business with you. Be sure to ask this question early in the process so that you can get coverage in place if need be.

Thanks for reading these tips! And remember, if you have any questions about what our facility has to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.