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Oklahoma Wedding Venue

At Stokely Event Center, we are proud to say that we are Tulsa’s most unique event center! When hosting an event with us, you are sure to have an experience that is incomparable to parties or events you have been to in the past.

With our one-of-a-kind atmosphere, anyone is sure to have fun when they are at Stokely thanks to our vintage signs and exciting arcade games that give the space a fun and retro feel. This guarantees that anyone, no matter the age will have fun at your event whether it be a wedding, family reunion, birthday party, or anything else.

We are also able to accommodate varying party sizes, allowing you to have the event space of your dreams no matter if you have a small or large group in attendance. We also go the extra mile to make sure you and your guests have fun at your event with full audio and video solutions induced with each booking.

This can be a great option for any type of gathering as it allows you to have speakers and control what is being played during your event. With a variety of options, a fun atmosphere, and an experience like no other, we are sure that Stokely Event Center is the right Oklahoma wedding venue for you, no matter the event!

Oklahoma Wedding Venue Services

Wedding Venue in OklahomaAt Stokely Event Center, we are able to host a variety of events within your space.

Many who have used the venue to host their wedding have loved working with us as they got to experience a fun environment and planning options that made their wedding day go by smoothly.

One of the ways we ensure your special day is as perfect as can be is by walking you through the booking process, assisting you on the day of the event, and even cleaning up after!

We even allow couples to select their own catering from anywhere rather than a pre-approved list, helping your wedding feel even more tailored to you and making the evening even more special.

Weddings are not the only events we go above and beyond for however, as we also offer exceptional services for the following party types:

  • Anniversary
  • Corporate
  • Birthday
  • Wedding Receptions


Stokely Event Center is the Best Wedding Venue in Oklahoma

At Stokely Event Center, we go the extra mile to ensure you and your guests are happy with your event. Located off the interstate, we are a convenient location just minutes outside of Tulsa, making us an accessible option for you and your guests.

We also are able to offer lodging recommendations and more, ensuring that your guests can have a stress-free experience and have fun when they are at Stokely! Guests also love our in-house soda fountain with 8 different flavor options and Sonic ice, making your event even more refreshing and sweet!

With amazing services and accommodations like these, it is hard to not pick Stokely Event Center when looking for the best and most unique venue space in Tulsa!