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How to Plan a Surprise Party

How to Plan a Surprise PartyPutting together a surprise party can be a rewarding experience that shows an individual how much you care. If you have a friend or loved one that is vehemently against parties, a surprise party may be the only way to get them to attend. Follow these steps, and keep them a secret, to pull off the best surprise party ever.

Outline Goals

To begin, treat a surprise party just like any other and starting listing ideas you may have for the party. This can include when the surprise party is going to happen, who will likely attend and things the guest of honor would appreciate. Once you have these ideas in mind it’s time to start implementing them!

Pre-Party Planning

When planning the party, it is best to decide on a general theme that can make gathering party materials easier. Once a theme is determined it is time to start preparing, get the necessary party materials, but remember to keep quiet about them. Once these are gathered it’s time to find an escort.

An escort will be the individual that brings the guest of honor to the surprise location. This person is also responsible for keeping the guest of honor away from the location prior to the start of the party. Make sure this person is trustworthy to avoid ruining the surprise you have worked so hard for.

Surprise Party Implementation

It will often take a good excuse to entice the guest of honor to leave home or lure them to where a surprise party will happen. It is important that the chosen escort can help persuade the individual to get there. Once they are on the way and the guests at the party are notified, it’s time to hide.

Upon arrival, the guest of honor will likely be the first to walk through the door. At this point, the guests to the party will shout “SURPRISE!” to invoke a reaction from the guest of honor. Upon successful completion, it time for the party to start!


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