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Promoting Events on Facebook

Promoting Events on FacebookThe introduction of Facebook Events has made getting the word out about your event easier than ever. With features, such as RSVP and sharing capabilities, guests and potential guests can create buzz about your upcoming event and aid in promotion efforts. By following these simple tips, Facebook can be utilized to successfully promote your event.

Optimize Your Event Page

When optimizing your Facebook Event page, it is important to look at a few distinct variables. Branding is crucial in the reception of event promotion and can usually make or break your attendance numbers. To successfully brand your event, utilize a cover photo that measures 1920×1080 pixels that will be seen anytime the event is shared or the page is accessed.

When naming an event, longer names tend to perform poorly in comparison to those that are short and sweet. This is especially important for mobile users because it can take up a large portion of a smaller screen. Keeping a shorter event name will help cater to the majority of Facebook users that utilize the mobile application.

Setting your event category, as well as important factors such as date, time and location, can help Facebook recommend your event to other users based on common interests. This algorithm can cover a broad spectrum, so prepare to be as accurate in your information as possible.

Promote Your Event

There are many different ways you can promote your event page on Facebook. Sharing pre-event content can help spur existing registrants to promote the event to their friends and other people that may be interested. The key to successfully spurring this is creating exciting and engaging content.

Facebook recently rolled out Facebook Live, a video sharing platform that allows users to broadcast themselves with nothing more than a cell phone. Though this is a new technology for the platform, they are pushing it to be the next big thing. Once event planners begin utilizing and perfecting this technology event promotion will be even greater.

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