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Missed a Celebration? It’s Never Too Late to Party!

When it comes to celebrating a special occasion, sometimes life gets in the way. Unexpected things happen, or it’s simply not a good time. Whatever the delay, birthdays, accomplishments, promotions, and relationships are all still worth celebrating and shouldn’t be forgotten about. Stay organized as you review all of the preparations that have already been made. Speak with your venue, reach out to every guest, and give it another go!

Had to postpone?

If you had to cancel or postpone a celebration, don’t stress! Life happens, and chances are your guests and loved ones will understand and be ready to party with you on a new date. Instead of being disappointed about postponing your original celebration, use the situation to put a light-hearted spin on your new event. When re-sending invites and information, use headlines and phrases like, “Let’s try this again!” and “Error! Reloading…” This will show attendees that you know how to roll with the punches and see the humor in trying again. 

What about vendors?

Did you previously book vendors for your event? That’s okay. Caterers, venues, DJs, and other vendors are used to dates changing, events getting canceled, or even needing adjustments. Just keep in mind that they generally require deposits and have certain policies set in place regarding cancellations. It’s always a good idea to do your research before doing business with someone. Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of their policies before committing. However, if you aren’t sure about the commitment you made in regard to canceling their services, go ahead and reach out anyways. It never hurts to explain your situation and ask about rescheduling for a different date. Odds are they will still want your business and will do their best to work with you to keep it!

Make it count!

Who knows, with a little extra time to plan and prep for your event, it could be even better than before! Think through the activities, decor, and the timeline. Make small changes and add finishing touches to keep spirits up and create amazing memories. If you weren’t sure about rescheduling, here’s the push you need: Re-plan your party! By doing so, it shows those you are celebrating that even when life gets in the way, they are still a priority and worth celebrating! 

If you previously booked with Stokely Event Center but were required to cancel or postpone, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We understand that circumstances change, things come up, and some things are just out of your control. As your venue, our goal is to make your party-planning experience as streamlined as possible. We can’t wait to help you reschedule and get your celebration back on track.