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Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Venue

During your wedding planning journey, it is inevitable that you will be touring multiple potential wedding venues. To ensure that you aren’t settling and can find the venue that most closely meets your needs, there are certain questions that must be asked. Here are the questions to ask your potential wedding venue! How Many Hours Are Included? With a wedding …

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Wedding Reception Venue Considerations

When looking at wedding reception venues there are a few key considerations that must be accounted for. By ensuring general necessities are under control, you can plan for the perfect wedding reception. Take these considerations into accounts when searching for the perfect wedding reception venue.

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Simple Retirement Party Planning

A retirement party is used to honor the life and career of a co-worker that has decided to leave the workforce after many years of service. This type of party allows others to show their appreciation for the years of service and accomplishments the retiree has had during his or her career. It is important to ensure the party reflects …

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Example Corporate Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises are essential in creating a functional, productive group of workers for your business. Successful team building exercises can lead to increased communication among workers while creating a fun and comfortable atmosphere. Utilize these activities at your next event to take your employee engagement to the next level! Example 1: One Question In this exercise, participants are given …

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme

A wedding theme is essential for personalizing your special day and creating a memorable event for all in attendance. Themes are also a great way to express the relationship you have to all of your loved ones. To help you find your perfect wedding theme utilize these helpful tips!

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Benefits of Utilizing a Venue

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to host parties at their own home as a matter of convenience. However, this can often lead to many different problems for the homeowner that weren’t expected. We’ve outlined a few reasons why parties that utilize a venue can be beneficial. Increased Space One of the biggest reasons to book a venue for a party …

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Preservation of the memories that happen during your wedding day are important. Because a wedding only encompasses one day, it is important to get a wedding photographer that can accurately portray the event and invoke memories of the day every time a picture is viewed. With a few steps, finding the perfect wedding day photographer can be much easier. Consider …

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Event Budgeting Keeps Costs Down

Before any event planning begins the creation of a budget should be the primary concern. A properly compiled budget includes line items for every single item needed for the event as well as estimated and actual costs. Event budgeting can be done with a notepad and pen; however, tech-savvy individuals will benefit more using a spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel. …

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Reasons to Attend a High School Reunion

High school reunions can invoke a range of emotions within people. Generally, feelings of excitement may be matched with other view of disdain. For those individuals who are on the fence about attending their high school reunion, there are many valid reasons why attending a high school reunion can be beneficial. See Old Friends During school years, strong bonds of …

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Easy Birthday Party Planning

Children have a tendency to remember a birthday party, seemingly for both good and bad reasons. Pulling off a successful birthday party for a child can be the best gift they receive the entire day.  Though birthday party planning can seem like a hard process, seeing the child enjoy the day can be worth the effort. Theme Determining a theme …

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Catering for an Event Explained

Anyone that has been a guest at an event has probably had an experience involving catering. The idea of catering in food seems fairly easy, but in reality there is a lot of effort needed to get the food to a guests table. After contact is made with a firm or business specializing in catering, the caterer will help determine …