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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme

A wedding theme is essential for personalizing your special day and creating a memorable event for all in attendance. Themes are also a great way to express the relationship you have to all of your loved ones. To help you find your perfect wedding theme utilize these helpful tips!

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Bar Types Common at a Wedding

Most wedding guests will argue that food and drinks are among the most important parts of a successful wedding reception. Alcoholic beverages have a long history of use during wedding receptions as a pivotal part of the celebratory experience. When attending a wedding reception you are likely to see one of these bar types. Open Bar The open bar is …

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Preservation of the memories that happen during your wedding day are important. Because a wedding only encompasses one day, it is important to get a wedding photographer that can accurately portray the event and invoke memories of the day every time a picture is viewed. With a few steps, finding the perfect wedding day photographer can be much easier. Consider …

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Wedding Reception Self Planning

As many couples are becoming budget conscious, self-planning wedding receptions has become a widespread occurrence. Having a wedding reception that is memorable and works without a hitch isn’t an unobtainable feat. A wedding can be one of the most important events within a lifetime, knowing that a self-planned wedding reception proved to be a successful end to that day can …