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Ten Gifts Your Employees Will Actually Love

Gifts are a great way to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work and dedication throughout the previous year. Especially in a year like 2020, it is important to take the time to show our gratitude to the people who aid in our success. Unfortunately, many employee gifts are not quite as useful or exciting as an employer may think. At Stokely Event Center, we want to make your employee gifting easy and effective! 

Best Employee Gifts for 2020

The type of gift you give to your employees will depend greatly on the size of your team and the type of business you own. Here are ten great gifts that your employees will actually love:

Dinner On the Boss

Is there anything better than enjoying a nice dinner without concern for the bill at the end of the meal? Give your employees the gift of a delicious dinner on you! Choose to cater a fancy meal at Stokely Event Center for the members of your team. Alternatively, gift your employees a gift card to a local restaurant, allowing them to enjoy a meal with their loved ones.

2021 Planner or Desk Calendar

Looking for a more practical gift? Customize a 2021 planner for your team, allowing your employees to achieve work-life balance through proper scheduling.

DIY Cocktail Kits

Available for purchase or an easy DIY project, a cocktail kit provides your employee with everything they need for a delicious evening drink (minus the alcohol). 

Gift an Experience

For small to medium-sized businesses, consider giving your employees a fun experience! Schedule an office talent show at Stokely Event Center, rent out a movie theater for a family film, or plan an afternoon at the bowling alley – all expenses paid! 

Insulated Coffee Tumbler

Almost every adult enjoys a cup of coffee to start their day. Insulated coffee mugs make a fun yet practical gift that your employees are sure to use. Customize the tumbler with their name to ensure that they do not get lost in the office break room! 

Charging Station

With so many devices used each day, charging chords can quickly overtake your desk or cubicle. Your employees are sure to use (and love) a charging station that eliminates unneeded clutter.

A Year of Treats

Instead of giving your employees one gift during the holiday season, commit to providing a monthly food truck or dessert buffet for the coming year. Alternatively, allow the Employee of the Month to select a local restaurant from which you will cater lunch on the last Friday of each month.

Office-Friendly Plant

Plants are known to decrease stress and breathe life into any space! Gift your employees an office-friendly plant such as an Air Plant or Snake Plant that requires minimal maintenance.

A Day Off Work

Who doesn’t love an extra day off? If it is feasible for your business, gift each of your employees an extra PAID day off work in the coming year. This is a great way to allow your team to refuel and recoup for greater productivity. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether your team is working from home or the office, there are bound to be times when they need to shut out the noise to focus on their projects. Noise-canceling headphones are a practical and greatly appreciated gift! 


We hope this list has inspired you to choose a gift your employees will truly appreciate this year! Looking to host your annual Employee Appreciation Event? Contact our team to get started!