Tulsa Bachelor Party Venue

Who Is Tulsa’s Best Bachelor Party Venue?

If you’re in charge of throwing a bachelor party, something you’ll definitely need is the right venue. The venue of a party has the power to make or break the event, so it’s important to get it right.

Stokely Event Center is the perfect place in Tulsa to have a memorable bachelor party. With retro arcade games set to free play, tons of authentic Tulsa memorabilia, a plug and play sound system, and plenty of space, we’ve got all the makings of an awesome bachelor party.

We know that it can be a lot of pressure to pull off a great bachelor party on your own, so we put together some of our best tips to help you get started.

Set a Date and Time for the Bachelor Party ASAP

Tulsa Bachelor Party Venue

One of the most common bachelor party planning mistakes is putting everything off until the last second, including choosing the date and time. Of all the mistakes you can make, this is probably the worst one because it means that important people might not be able to make it due to other obligations.

Giving people a heads up well in advance will help avoid the nightmare scenario of no one showing up for the fun. When it comes to notifying people of the date and time, the two best options these days are a group chat or creating an event page on Facebook for people to easily RSVP.

Figure Out a Budget for the Bachelor Party

The next most important factor in planning a successful bachelor party is the budget. The budget for the event will impact every other area of planning, so figuring it out well in advance is the best way to go.

If the budget isn’t quite what it needs to be, you can always see if people are willing to pitch in to make the party awesome for everyone.

Once have a pretty good idea of your budget, you’ll be able to make decisions about where you will have the bachelor party, and what food and drinks you’ll have. We recommend making a list to keep track of the numbers as you go so that you don’t accidentally overshoot or undershoot the budget that you have available.

At Stokely Event Center in Tulsa, you can have your food and beverages catered from wherever you like, so the sky’s the limit!

Decide What Activites to Have Available at the Bachelor Party

Next, you should decide on what activities you would like to have available at the bachelor party. As you are choosing activities, you should keep in mind the preferences of the person that you’re celebrating so you can make sure that they’ll have a good time.

And the end of the night, it’s their party, so it’s your job to make it as awesome and memorable as possible for them.┬áIf you’re not really certain what they might enjoy, you can always check with their family and friends to find out.

We hope these tips have helped your planning process and that your Tulsa bachelor party is a success! If you’re in Tulsa, you can check out Stokely Event Center for yourself by scheduling a tour with us here.