Tulsa Bridal Shower Venue

Tulsa Bridal Shower Venue

Ready to have a memorable bridal shower? There’s a lot that goes into the planning process, but we’re here to help you figure it all out so you can make your event a success! If you’re in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and you’re looking for a great venue, be sure to schedule a tour with us here to see what our Tulsa bridal shower venue has to offer. (Our facilities alone can take your bridal party to the next level.)

Whether you’re an eventing planning pro, or this is the first event you’ve ever helped orchestrate, here are 4 essential tips for throwing a phenomenal bridal shower that everyone will remember.

Tulsa Bridal Shower Venue

Tip 1. Make a Thorough Bridal Shower Planning List 

First things first. In order to throw a great bridal shower, you should make a list of everything that you’ll need to do. And when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING. So many things go into planning a bridal shower that it can be very easy to let things fall through the cracks without out a well-planned to do list.

Here are some of the items that you might need to include on your list:

    • Determine a theme and colors.
    • Prepare food or hire a catering company to help.
    • Figure out who needs to be invited.
    • Decide upon a date and time for the bridal shower that will work for everyone.
    • Find fun activities and purchase any needed materials.
    • Find a Tulsa bridal party venue that rocks.

The main thing to remember when coming up with your event planning to-do list is to try to be as thorough as possible. It’s a good idea to go over your bridal party to-do list with a few other people just to ensure that you didn’t leave anything important off!

Tip 2. Figure Out the Bridal Shower Budget 

When it comes to event planning, determining your budget early on in the process is very important. Your budget impacts other aspects of your event like food, decorations, venue, and the number of people on the guest list. Having clear numbers in your head from the outset will help you develop a realistic vision for the event that you’ll be able to pull off without any hitches along the way.

Tip 3. Do Something Unique 

The best bridal showers are unique! Not unique for the sake of being unique, but unique because they’ve been planned with the specific tastes and interests of the bride-to-be in mind.

As you’re planning, make sure you do research on the bride so that you give them an event that they’ll remember fondly for the rest of their lives

Tip 4. Choose an Amazing Venue for Your Bridal Shower  

Last but not least, make certain that you choose an amazing Tulsa bridal shower venue. The venue alone can have a huge impact on the overall feel of a bridal shower, so finding the right one is of the utmost importance.

Stokely Event Center is Tulsa’s premier event venue, with tons of unique decorations and amenities that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’d like to learn more, you can schedule a tour of our venue here. 

Thank you for reading, and best of luck with all of your bridal shower event planning!