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Tulsa Class Reunion Venue

There are few gatherings as fun as a class reunion. If you’re in charge of organizing your class reunion, you’ll need to find the perfect venue. The best Tulsa class reunion venue is one that can accommodate a large group, offer plenty of activities, and provide enough space for everyone to socialize. And for that, we’d like to invite you to check out Stokely Event Center!

Stokely Event Center is the perfect place to host your Tulsa class reunion. We can accommodate large groups and we have a variety of activities and games that will keep everyone entertained. Plus, our spacious facility is already uniquely decorated with vintage signs and fun memorabilia, so you won’t have to worry about decorating the space yourself.

We also allow for outside catering which means you can choose your own food and drink menu. And, our on-site bar will be open for guests who would like to purchase alcoholic beverages. So if you’re looking for a unique and fun place to host your Tulsa class reunion, look no further than Stokely Event Center!

How To Plan A Class Reunion In Tulsa

Perhaps this is your first time ever planning a class reunion or maybe you’ve done it before but you’re stuck in a rut and not sure how to make this one different and more special. Regardless of your experience level, we’ve got some tips on how to plan the best class reunion in Tulsa.

  • Pick a Tulsa class reunion venue that is accessible, unique, and offers a variety of activities.
  • Choose a theme or dress code and make sure to communicate it to your classmates in advance. This will make the event more fun and festive!
  • Put together a photo collage or memory board with pictures from past reunions and events.
  • Make name tags for everyone so that people can easily find and mingle with old friends.
  • Plan some icebreaker games or activities to help everyone get to know each other again.
  • Set up a photobooth with props and backdrops so that people can take fun photos with their friends.
  • Have a DJ or band playing music throughout the night so that people can dance and enjoy themselves.
  • Send out invitations well in advance so that everyone has time to plan and RSVP.

Following these tips will help you plan the best class reunion in Tulsa! But remember, the most important thing is to just help everyone feel comfortable and have fun.

Theme Ideas For A Tulsa Class Reunion

What would a successful Tulsa class reunion be without a great theme? Here are a few class reunion themes you can try!

  • The Roaring 20s
  • Black & White Ball
  • Casino Night
  • Tropical Paradise
  • Country Heat
  • 80’s Party

If going for a theme isn’t what you’re looking for, that’s okay! Planning your Tulsa class reunion at a venue like Stokely Event Center can take all that stress away! Our Tulsa venue is already decked out in fun and nostalgic memorabilia, making it the perfect place to host your reunion without having to worry about your class reunion venue looking plain or bland. So if you’re on a budget or just want to keep the reunion theme simple and casual then Stokely Event Center is the best Tulsa class reunion venue for you!