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Tulsa Corporate Event Venue

Tulsa Corporate Event Venue- Stokely Event Center

As the weather warms up, events will be taking place all over Tulsa. From proms to weddings, family reunions, and conferences of all types, you need a place that is able to hold all the guests you desire to have for your special event. So whether you are hosting trainings, quarterly meetings, team building sessions, or parties, let Stokely Event Center be your one-stop-shop for a Tulsa corporate event venue.

Stokely is the perfect spot for any corporate event in Tulsa OK. The venue has plenty of parking and can accommodate 1,460 guests. The former warehouse (circa 1930) has been remodeled into a three-story space that features stunning exposed ceilings and brick walls — you wouldn’t guess it started life as a factory while looking around inside.

The massive 3,500-foot space at the Stokely Event Center provides a wide assortment of opportunities for events. From free game tables and decorative signing walls to an atmosphere that will make your event unique among others in Tulsa’s area – there is no other location like it!

Corporate Events at Stokely

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Company meetings
  • Team building events
  • Networking events
  • Business dinners
  • Product launches
  • VIP Events
  • Themed Parties
  • Award ceremonies
  • Charity functions
  • Incentive Events
  • Political Events
  • Community Relations Events
  • Happy Hours
  • Company Picnics

Hassle-Free Event Planning

Stokely Event Center has everything you need for your next corporate event. We offer sound equipment with plug-and-play capabilities that will simplify your technical needs, including laptop and phone (android and apple devices) connections to make presentations easy as pie! For visual entertainment, we’ve got projector screens plus other great features like reverse projection. These are just some of what makes us the perfect choice when it comes time to plan an unforgettable occasion at our venue.

You may be wondering about the technical aspects you and your team will be responsible for providing. Simply whatever device you have stored your presentations will do just fine! With on-hand equipment featuring microphones available upon request (including those needed by webcasters), alongside professional-grade projectors fitted into each room, you and your guests can expect a hassle-free experience with the experienced Stokely team ready to assist if needed.

A full-service kitchen is available for cooking corporate food and there’s also space for corporate bands or DJs so that you can dance the night away or just enjoy some music during your event.

We know that corporate events can be a major pain for employees and bosses alike. That’s why we try to make them as fun-filled as experience possible with our wide variety of games designed just for break periods, and an exciting atmosphere in which everyone feels involved; whether they’re playing soccer or volleyball on-site at STOKELY!

We also provide training facilities so your team stays sharp during downtime – all without sacrificing savings from reduced employee turnover rates due to high levels of satisfaction among workers who enjoy themselves while working together outside their usual office setting (and yes this includes you). We have all types of spaces for you to use! No matter what corporate experience is planned, our venue will create a fun environment that encourages creativity and growth.