Tulsa Party Ideas

Tulsa Party Ideas

Whatever occasion you’re celebrating, a party should be both fun and memorable. If you’re in the Tulsa area and you’re having trouble coming up with any party ideas, we’re here to help!

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To help make your party a success, here are a few of our best party ideas!

Give Your Party a Theme 

Tulsa Party Ideas

If you want to throw a party that no one will forget, our first recommendation is to give your party a theme. When your party has a clear theme, people have the perfect excuse to put on a crazy costume and just have a good time.

Here are a few of our favorite party themes to get your imagination started:

    • Neon Glow in the Dark Theme
    • Black and White Theme
    • James Bond Theme
    • Hollywood Theme
    • Alice in Wonderland Theme
    • Underwater Theme
    • Tropical Party Theme
    • Pirate Theme
    • Ice and Fire Theme
    • Movie/TV Show Theme
    • Circus Theme
    • Disco Theme
    • Masquerade Ball Theme
    • Life in the City Theme
    • Love Boat Theme
    • Outer Space Theme
    • Wild West Theme
    • Superhero Theme
    • Fantasy Theme
    • 80s Theme


If you’re still having trouble choosing your theme, we recommend sending a list like the one above to some of the people that you know will be in attendance to get a feel for their preferences. This will hopefully give you an idea as to what direction to go.

Do Something Unexpected 

The best parties are typically the surprising ones. As you’re planning your party, try to come up with something that people won’t expect.

However, if you do take things in a unique direction, make sure that it’s not different just for the sake of being different. If the party is for a particular person, it’s always best to check with them to make sure that they aren’t opposed to any of your ideas.

Now let’s talk ideas. In Sweden, instead of having traditional wedding receptions, they sometimes have what’s known as a “cake party.” At these parties, everyone in attendance brings a cake. The result is TONS of incredible cakes that everyone gets to sample.

If you’re not really a dessert person, you might consider applying the same idea to regular food and having a good ol’ fashioned potluck.

To take things up a notch, you could pay a clown to come and make balloon animals for the evening, rent a bouncy house, or a pay a local band to come and play. The possibilities are endless!

Make It An All Day Event 

Who says a party has to last for only a couple of hours? If friends and loved ones are coming from out of town to be in attendance, consider planning several events throughout the day, culminating in the actual event in the evening.

Some of the best Tulsa specific things to do are the Oklahoma Aquarium, Tulsa Zoo, and the Gathering Place.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck with your party planning! You can learn more about having an event at our Tulsa venue by going here.