Anniversaries and Reunions

Anniversaries and reunions come alive at Stokely Event Center! Spouses won’t be left out of the fun anymore since all of our games are on free play. Everyone has something to do! The Route 66 and nostalgic Tulsa signs will take you back to days gone by, which makes the perfect setting for reconnecting with old friends from youth. Anniversaries usually include a wide range of ages, so make sure everyone is entertained by bringing the party to Stokely Event Center! Can you really please everyone without breaking the bank? At Stokely Event Center the answer is always “Yes!”.

Stokely Event Center strives to provide the best venue experience within the Tulsa area for every type of anniversary or reunion imaginable. Our unique venue is decorated with vintage and neon signs that will set a fun atmosphere for any event. With arcade games always set on free mode, everyone will have something to do! The over 3,500 feet of space available in our venue can be utilized in whatever way best benefits the reunion or anniversary.

Weddings at Stokely Event Center

Stokely Event Center also offers included sound equipment to ensure any event has the audio/visual capabilities they require. Our phenomenal sound system includes plug-and-play laptop and iPod connections for easy sound management. We also provide a microphone to assist in presentations or announcements.

Having a class reunion and want to show old photos from high school or college? Stokely Event Center has you covered with our projection setup! Simply connect a laptop to the projector and any videos or slideshows that have been created can be broadcasted for the whole room to see. Stokely Event Center wants to make sure your event runs as smooth as possible, so we have made the connection process as simplified as possible!

Whether the event is small or reaches max capacity, Stokely Event Center has over 8 flavors of soda on hand with the fan-favorite Sonic® ice. We also allow event hosts to provide their own beer or wine to determine the atmosphere they want to have! Stokely Event Center understands not everyone wants to cater in food, so we allow event-goers to bring their own smoker or grill and cook their own meals. We are flexible with the inclusion of outside food and drinks, so event menus can meet whatever the demand is!

No one likes to be on clean-up duty after an event. For that reason, Stokely Event Center includes clean-up services with every event that is held here. No longer will hosts have to walk around during the event picking up trash. You worked hard putting this event together, you deserve to enjoy it!

Stokely Event Center’s central location in South Tulsa makes it easily accessible and near a wide variety of lodging options. We know that when people are coming from out of town the last thing they want to do is drive even farther to get to an event. Utilize our location to help your anniversary or reunion guests avoid stressful traffic!

If you are planning an anniversary or reunion event that needs to be unforgettable, we would love to talk to you about making it an affordable Stokely experience. No matter what anniversary or reunion experience you are planning, our venue will create a fun environment to promote human connections and encourage fun!

Class Reunions (20+ Years)

Class reunions are an opportunity to reconnect with others who individuals may have spent the bulk of their childhood or teenage years with. These people could have played a pivotal role in the lives of attendees until graduation, then slowly lost touch completely. Class reunions can be a great opportunity to reestablish relationships with peers that individuals once had.

Class reunions can carry a certain sense of nostalgia and mystique. Often class reunions can bring back old memories or stir up emotions that may have been lost long ago. The appealing draw to most individuals is to see what people have done with their lives following graduation.

One benefit of a class reunion is the opportunity to see what individuals who grew up in the same environment have done with their lives. It’s always an interesting experience to see how things have turned out for others. More often than not, the results are surprising!

Planning a class reunion should be done at least a year in advance. In most cases, individuals that were determined class leadership during school are responsible for organizing for and preparing the class reunion. Social media outreach has made the invitation process simple, however, websites specifically for class reunion RSVPs and communication are now available.

Stokely Event Center provides audio/visual solutions with every event booked to ensure memories can be shared and created. Our connection process allows individuals to connect a laptop or audio source and immediately gain functionality. We take every possible action we can to give you absolute certainty that your high school reunion event goes exactly as you have planned it. Let us make your event stress free!

*Currently, Stokely Event Center is only accepting class reunion bookings that have had a lapse of time equaling twenty years or more since graduation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

Wedding Anniversaries

A wedding anniversaries significance can be traced back to origins within the Holy Roman Empire. During that time, husbands would crown their wives with a silver wreath on the twenty-fifth anniversary, and gold for the fiftieth. It wasn’t until the twentieth century that commercially available gifts became involved as an addition to celebrating a wedding anniversary. In the United States, married couples can even request a presidential greeting from the White House for their fiftieth wedding anniversary!

A wedding anniversary is an excellent accomplishment to celebrate, regardless of the number of years it signifies. Celebrating a couple for the life achievements they have made with friends and family builds a foundation of encouragement and support. Though some like the celebrate anniversaries alone, it makes sense to involve loved ones that have made this special day a possibility.

With the number of years passing in a marriage, traditional gifts have varied over time. In modern years, precious stones, such as diamond and emeralds, are used to signify long engagement milestones. Though this is based on tradition, they are just general guidelines and any gift is appropriate as long as it is given with the best intentions!

Planning a wedding anniversary should start at least one month before the decided upon date. The date of the event doesn’t have to be the actual day of the anniversary but needs to be relatively near it. In most cases, planning the party for a weekend will ensure that family and friends will be available to attend.

Stokely Event Center understands catering can be a difficult process for many individuals. For that reason, we allow outside food and drinks to ease the planning process. If you decide you want to smoke or grill your own food, that’s ok too! We want to make sure planning your special day is as simplified as possible.

Family Reunions

With the rise of social media, keeping in digital contact with family members has become easier than ever. No matter how much interaction family members have with each other online, nothing beats personal interaction in real life for strengthening relationships. A family reunion is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the heritage of a family and rekindle relationships that may have suffered over time.

With some families, reunions are a regular occurrence designed to unite extended families together to build a sense of unity. Family reunions give individuals the opportunity to meet family members that may or may not have known they had, often for the first time. In the case that families have spread out across the nation, reunions are pivotal in maintaining a family bond.

It is recommended to set the date for a family reunion one year in advance, some families will have a specific weekend that they stick to annually. The most common month for family reunions has historically been August, but many are held throughout the summer at different times.

It most cases, one representative from each nuclear family will be responsible for dispersing the information to their particular family. This helps create an information flow and simplifies the invitation process. Ideally, everyone, including extended family, should be invited to participate in a family reunion.

With over 3,500 square feet of space, Stokely Event Center has more than enough room to make your family reunion a success. Beat the summer heat and utilize our venue for your family reunion activities. With Stokely Event Center’s free-to-play games the children may even have more fun than the adults!

Veteran Reunions

Serving in the armed forces can build unbreakable bonds with fellow soldiers. Often lifelong friendships and family-like mentalities are formed while serving in the military, but individual dispersion across the United States can make it hard to stay connected. Military reunions give former soldiers the opportunity to reunite with their old unit and rekindle relationships with other soldiers.

Veteran reunions can be therapeutic for participants. By being able to talk about past experiences that only other attendees are aware of, veterans can use the experience as positive healing outlet. Military reunions help veterans from all branches of service to congregate and renew past relationships that helped them get through the worst times.

Veteran reunions, depending on the scope, can be difficult to plan because of travel and lodging arrangements. In most cases, these events are easily handled by event planning companies. Many companies are available to assist specifically with veteran reunion planning and will make the job much easier.

Stokely Event Center provides a relaxing atmosphere with vintage décor that uniquely meets the needs of any event. We are honored to be the venue choice of men and women that have served this country. Stokely Event Center would love to help make your veteran reunion a success without causing unneeded stress.

Retirement Parties

Everyone works hard with the dream that they will one day be able to retire. Reaching that pinnacle in life is a phenomenal achievement and should be treated as such. Retirement is the beginning of a new life chapter and often requires a celebration to honor the work and dedication of the retiree.

Hosting a retirement party to honor the professional life of an individual can help convey how appreciative companies, family members, and co-workers are for the sacrifices that person has made to benefit them. Retirement parties can leave a lasting impression with the retiree that they will never forget. After many years of serving, they will appreciate the thought and effort that goes into planning and executing a retirement party.

In most cases, companies, family members or coworkers will be responsible for planning a retirement party. Since co-workers may only be familiar with the personal side of the retiree, enlisting the help of family and friends will help shed a different light on the guest of honor. Some individuals aren’t fans of large parties, so it’s important to find out if they are more inclined to not wanting to have a party before planning.

The unique surroundings at Stokely Event Center can make any event a memorable experience. We are fully prepared to be the venue for any retirement party! Our sound system and included microphone will make it easy to recognize the retiree for their many years of service. We would love to celebrate this milestone with you!

The Stokely Event Center has been providing venue services for the Tulsa area for over 8 years. During that time period, we have held a variety of events and are ready to help make your reunion or anniversary event a success. With our recognized unique settings and a wide variety of free entertainment options within the venue, we have solidified our place as a premier venue in Tulsa. If you are interested in booking the Stokely Event Center for your next reunion or anniversary event, please call us at 918-600-4448 or submit a reservation request through our online form. We look forward to celebrating with you!

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