Birthday parties are supposed to be fun. It only makes sense to have a party at a place that screams fun the second you walk in! Stokely Event Center has over 300 signs from Route 66 and nostalgic Tulsa locations for older individuals and free-play games to entertain all ages.

With on hand sound and video equipment, dancing the night away or showing videos is a breeze at STOKELY. We provide a microphone and sound system complete with iPod hookups to guarantee a plug-and-play functionality. We also include a projector and screen that can easily be controlled with a laptop!

Weddings at Stokely Event Center

The Stokely Event Center also takes care of clean-up once the birthday party has ended. Meaning attendees can enjoy the party and not worry about the mess that is being made. Planning a birthday party takes time, you should be able to enjoy it!

At Stokely Event Center individuals bring their own food and drinks. This gives them the power to have total control over what menu choices are available at the event. On many occasions, groups have brought a smoker to cook their own BBQ. Evening groups also have the ability to stay as long as needed for the party to make a lasting impact on attendees. Come have the time of your life at STOKELY!

Children's Birthday Parties

Children have a tendency to remember a birthday party, seemingly for both good and bad reasons. Pulling off a successful birthday party for a child can be the best gift they receive the entire day. Though birthday party planning can seem like a hard process, seeing the child enjoy the day can be worth the effort.

One of the biggest benefits to a children's birthday party is the ability to tailor-fit a theme to match the child's interests. This aspect can make planning the party incredibly easy because invitation designs and party décor will eventually match that theme. Children's birthday parties can take on many different themes, so we will explain the ones most commonly seen.

Superhero Theme

Since the creation of comic books, children have been deeply invested in the idea of pretending they are superheroes. A themed birthday party is an excellent chance for children to feel like actual superheroes, if only for a short period. During this type of party, children get to wear costumes and use their imagination to fly, fight the bad guys and save the city!

Princess Theme

It’s not uncommon for young girls to identify with princesses. Whether first exposed to princesses through viewing Disney movies or the occasional TV exposure, the idea of becoming a princess creates a lasting dream for many girls well into their teenage years. During this type of party, girls get to dress up as princesses with tiaras and dresses and pretend they are in their favorite cartoon or movie.

Pirate Theme

Pirates invoke a sense of adventure that many children respond well to. With movies like Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean becoming more popular, pirate themed birthday parties are gaining more traction. During this type of party, children dress up as swashbuckling pirates and pretend to sail the seven seas. Don't forget to have treasure at this party!

Mermaid Theme

The Little Mermaid has stood the test of time as one of the favorite Disney movies among young children. For this reason, mermaid parties are more popular than ever. During this type of party, children are able to dress up as mermaids and are surrounded by nautical decorations to invoke a sense of being under water.

Art Theme

Children tend to have boundless creativity and imagination. A party based around arts and crafts can not only give children activities to do, but they can make their own keepsakes to take home. During this type of party, children can be given various activities such as painting and coloring to provide a creative experience.

Movie Theme

Most children have a favorite movie or television show. Utilizing their love of a certain movie or television show can make party planning easy. In most cases, decorations can be found for any children's movie or cartoon. During this type of party, children can do activities based on the chosen theme and dress like their favorite characters.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Parties

Sweet sixteen birthday parties are a North American tradition to celebrate the transition into teenage years. This type of party was popularized by the exposure MTV gave to it with a reality series that followed the planning and implementation of sweet sixteen birthday parties. Sweet sixteen birthday parties can be overly extravagant or modest, depending on the person being celebrated. Often they are celebrations for girls, but can be celebrated for boys as well.

Dance Theme

The most popular sweet sixteen parties are typically dance parties. Most often, sweet sixteen dance parties will include the use of DJ services to keep the energy and fun up throughout the duration of the party. With Stokely Event Center's package-included sound system, the tools for pulling off a dance party are already in place!

Hollywood Theme

Fame is a popular desire within the current societal structure. Hollywood themed sweet sixteen parties can make the guest of honor feel like a celebrity on their special occasion. In most cases, this theme requires formal dress codes to invoke a sense of exclusivity but isn't necessary. Don't forget to roll out the red carpet!

Chocolate Theme

Finding an individual that doesn’t at least occasionally enjoy chocolate would be a hard task. With the wide variety of chocolate choices and preparation methods, chocolate choices will generally suit anyone. Chocolate parties give attendees the opportunity to get all the chocolate they can stand. This can be in the form of a chocolate bar or chocolate fountain!

Over the Hill Birthday Parties

Over the hill parties are subjective when determining the target age. In many cases, 30-to-40-year birthdays can signify over the hill. Traditionally, a 50-year birthday is the standard age for an over the hill birthday party. This is a special birthday party that can not only celebrate one's birthday but their life experiences and achievements so far.

Over the hill birthday parties invoke a sense of humor to give the party a laidback feeling. In most cases, decorations will be black to present a joking feeling of impending death. Utilize black streamers and balloons to convey this feeling. Many over the hill decorations are also readily available at party supply stores and novelty stores.

This type of party is a great opportunity to get together people from the guest of honors life and swap stories to better understand the life this person has led. In many cases, there are stories that you may have never heard about this person that will make you appreciate their life even more than may have been previously.

Sticking with the colors previously stated, foods that have a black or dark tint will help add to the atmosphere of the party. Foods like prunes and ensure can also be used in jest to add humor to the party. Get creative and have fun when planning an over the hill party!

Senior Birthday Parties

Reaching age 80 is a great life achievement. Beyond that, reaching 90 years of age or more is an exciting point of life that many would be happy to share. By this time most individuals have led a very fulfilling and interesting life that is worthy of being celebrated. Take this opportunity to show this person how much they mean to you and have impacted your life!

Take the time to create a photo slide show or presentation to share memories with the other attendees. Senior birthday parties are a perfect opportunity to showcase the accomplishments the guest of honor has completed throughout their life. Make sure to invite friends from throughout the senior's lifetime to create a comfortable environment for conversation!

Baby's First Birthday Party

When a baby turns one year old, parents generally have the party as a way to celebrate the child and gather with their adult friends. In many cases, the friends of the parents and their children are the ones that will be invited as the child is too young to have made friends to facilitate a party. Don't be afraid to have a celebration, this is an important step in the history of a new family!

Birthday Party Planning

Planning a birthday party can seem like a struggle at times, but the process is half the fun. Birthday parties should be organized as soon as possible, rather than later, to ensure even the smallest details are taken care of prior to the special day. This will ensure the party is enjoyed not only by the host but all in attendance as well.

If the party is being held for a child, they will most likely want to help plan the party. This can ease the process for parents in most cases, as the child will already have a theme and guest list in mind. More often than not, letting a child help with party planning will make sure the special day and party meet their expectations.

Once a budget and guest list has been established, it's important to start preparing the necessary items. Decorations, food, utensils, plates and the ever important birthday cake must all be accounted for. When sending out invitations, at least a 2-week notice will allow potential guests to ensure they can attend.

Birthday Party Planning Tips

  • The cake is the central food item at any birthday party. For this reason, picking up the cake early will ensure there are no issues in the arrival or obtainment of a birthday cake. It’s important to also make sure there are enough utensils and plates for the attendees to enjoy it!
  • At a children's birthday party, make sure the birthday child thanks attendees for coming and for the gifts they have received. This is considered a common courtesy and is often expected by others that took the time to come.
  • Food allergies have become an important issue to remember in recent years. If you don't know the children or individuals personally that may be attending the birthday party, check with them to verify any food allergies. If food allergies are present, make sure they have an alternative option.
  • Planning for extra people is always a good idea. Chances are someone will show up without an RSVP, like a guest's sibling, or others may want a second serving of the food that is available. You will want to be able to accommodate any unexpected guests or healthy appetites.
  • If you are giving attendees a party favor as a token of appreciation for coming, make it unique to the party. If the party has a nautical theme, give them something relevant as a parting gift. Consistency is key for making the birthday party memorable.
  • Problems will arise during any planned event. It is beneficial to remember that if a problem happens, it shouldn’t ruin the birthday party. Dealing with the problem and moving on is the best option for maintaining a fun atmosphere and having a successful party.

The Stokely Event Center has been providing venue services for the Tulsa area for over 8 years. During that time period, we have held a variety of events and are ready to help make your birthday party a success. With our recognized unique settings and a wide variety of free entertainment options within the venue, we have solidified our place as a premier venue in Tulsa. If you are interested in booking the Stokely Event Center for your next birthday party, please call us at 918-600-4448 or submit a reservation request through our online form. We look forward to celebrating with you!