Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme

A wedding theme is essential for personalizing your special day and creating a memorable event for all in attendance. Themes are also a great way to express the relationship you have to all of your loved ones. To help you find your perfect wedding theme utilize these helpful tips!

Examine Your Relationship

To find the perfect wedding theme a little brainstorming is required. This can easily be achieved by writing down keywords that relate to your relationship. This can include travel, old pictures, memories or anything you find relevant to your relationship. Once your keyword list is created, pick the one word or several cohesive words to build your theme.

Pinterest Inspiration

In recent years, Pinterest has become a hub of creativity that can help spur creativity and imagination. With many different existing boards showing a wide variety of themes previously used, finding a theme that gets the creative juicing flowing has never been easier. Pinterest has a little something for everyone, don’t be afraid to utilize it for guidance!

Avoid Pop Culture Themes

Sure, you love your favorite TV show now but in the future will you want it tied to the happiest day of your life? Pop culture wedding themes may seem cute now, but you have to realize they will be permanently attached to what should be the happiest day of your life. Sticking to classic or timeless themes can ensure you always look back on your wedding with the fondest memories.

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