Things People Forget When Planning a Party

Party planning can be a blast. Whether it’s for a birthday, a corporate milestone, or a family reunion, the idea of bringing people together for a time of fun and laughter can be incredibly appealing! However, if you aren’t the most meticulous or detail-oriented person, it’s easy to forget a few things by mistake as you’re putting your plans into action. To help you avoid forgetting them yourself, here are a few of the most common things that slip people’s minds as they’re planning a party.

Establishing a Budget

In the midst of all the excitement, it’s normal to get a little bit ahead of yourself in the early stages of party planning. You have a grand vision for what your soiree will look like, and you want nothing more than to bring that vision to life as best you can. But in that excitement, watch out! You can run the risk of setting your plan in motion without properly considering the financial ramifications.

As you decide on what the priority components of your party are going to be, create a concrete budget to make sure you’re able to afford everything on your list without accidentally overspending. Set a maximum amount for how much you’re comfortable allocating toward the event to avoid getting yourself into financial trouble, and track your party expenditures through an online banking service or a spreadsheet. Your wallet will thank you when the party’s over!

Proper Audio Equipment

This one is often something that falls through the cracks, even if you’re a huge music fan and have already compiled the perfect playlist for your party. If your guest list is on the larger size, one staticky speaker likely isn’t going to cut it. Music sets the atmosphere and aesthetic for your event. Because it is such an essential component of any good party, you’ll want to make sure to give this part of your event planning proper attention.

As you’re planning, make sure your to-do list includes seeking out suitable options for sound equipment. Ask a friend or a relative with high-quality full-sized speakers if you can borrow them for the night, or find an affordable rental option in your area. Better yet, choosing an amazing facility like Stokely Event Center with audio/visual solutions that tie the whole shebang together, will make your life that much easier. By making this step of the planning process a top priority, you’ll automatically be enhancing the overall quality of your event.


But…it’s a party, right? Parties are inherently entertaining! Isn’t food, dancing, and mingling enough?

Maybe, but maybe not. Depending on who you invite to your event, there might be some attendees who don’t love dancing or aren’t comfortable mingling with people they don’t know, and they might find themselves sitting at a table all night with little else to do. While everyone should be in charge of their own good time, as a host, it would be wise to provide multiple activity options for your guests so that everyone has a greater opportunity to enjoy themselves.

Create a makeshift photo booth with lots of goofy props, or choose a venue that comes equipped with arcade games to add some extra fun to your party. Sprinkle in team-building challenges, like limbo, three-legged races, or rapid-fire trivia, intermittently throughout the event to boost feelings of camaraderie between attendees. Stokely Event Center has arcade games, ping pong tables, cornhole, and life-size Jenga! These combined with a little healthy competition from your guests means you’re for sure in for a time of unforgettable memories.

Set Up & Clean Up

Okay, so maybe this isn’t something people forget about, so much as actively avoid thinking about as they’re planning out their party. Lucky for you, Stokely Event Center provides you with the dream solution. We have packages with event clean-up built right in! That way you get to show up, enjoy your guests and make memories, all without the damper of an hour-long clean-up session in the back of your mind.

Now we know you just can’t wait to get started on your event planning. Swing by Stokely Event Center and check out the space, our crew, and all the packages that we have to offer! Let’s create some awesome memories.

Event Planning|July 22, 2023|

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