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Hiring an Event Venue: Trust Factors

Choosing the perfect location for your upcoming event or celebration can be a tricky task. There are many different aspects to consider when making your decision. Everything from timing to accessibility, to added amenities, should be taken into account.

Know what to look for!

When choosing your venue, it’s best to first sort out as many details as you can prior to reaching out to different locations. The more information you can provide early on the more quickly you’ll know whether or not a certain venue has the manner and means to properly provide you with the services that you’re looking for. Once you know the number of attendees and have a general goal in mind, your search can begin! It’s important to discuss with venues about their capability to handle a large crowd of people and whether or not they have the capacity to do so safely. The last thing you want is to unknowingly violate safety codes and ordinances at your long-anticipated event!

At Stokely Event Center, we’re accustomed to hosting large amounts of people in our space of over 3,500 square feet! We’re ready and able to discuss capacity rules and regulations to ensure our clients that we’re more than capable of meeting your event needs in a safe and successful manner.

Services and amenities

Another aspect to pay attention to is exactly what amenities and services are offered and how those pertain to your unique event. Consider a few things before committing to a venue space for your event or celebration. It’s always a good idea to take a look around the space and get a feel for whether or not things are kept up and in good shape. When a venue offers specific and unique features, be sure to ask questions about how things work. It’s always best to know what exactly can be expected on the day of your event.

Find out whether or not there will be sufficient personnel present to make sure things are set up to fit your specific desires and needs. From our state of the art sound system to each classic arcade game—our team is dedicated to the upkeep. Stokely Event Center is fully aware of our client’s expectations. Rest assured that our amazing space is running smoothly and everything is perfect and ready for your event.

From the moment you commit to a venue, it’s important to know exactly what sort of services and benefits will be offered by the space and its personnel on the day of. Be diligent about asking plenty of questions, writing things down, and double-checking with the venue manager about important details beforehand. This will help avoid mix-ups and miscommunications and ensure an overall better end result. For example, Stokely Event Center offers clean-up services to our clients after their event has come to a close. This simple service ensures our clients and attendees that they will be well taken care of and have only to enjoy the special day.

Do your research

In the end, it pays off to ask those extra questions, clarify confusing information, and double-check about policies and expectations for both the venue and the client. A bit of research at the beginning of your event-planning process can end up saving you a headache in the end.

Stokely Event Center is dedicated to the success of each and every event that we host. Our goal is to ensure each client that we are able to answer your questions and help sort out your questions and concerns for your specific event needs. It only takes ten minutes to drop by, check out the space, and book your date. Come by and see us!