Example Corporate Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises are essential in creating a functional, productive group of workers for your business. Successful team building exercises can lead to increased communication among workers while creating a fun and comfortable atmosphere. Utilize these activities at your next event to take your employee engagement to the next level!

Example 1: One Question

In this exercise, participants are given a variety of scenarios and must write down one question to ask to determine if the person asked is right for the scenario. Example scenarios include a new hire, military applications, marriage and organizational leadership. When all the scenarios are done, individuals will share their responses.

Often this shows that the perfect question for one individual isn’t the same for another. This will often reflect their individual motives and the things they see as most important. This often will allow others to see who they trust and align with to make important decisions.

Example 2: My Name Is

To do this exercise, the host will write different adjectives on “Hello My Name Is” name tags. Participants will draw a tag a random and will have to tailor every response they make to match that particular adjective for the duration of the exercise. Example adjectives include grumpy, shy, joyous and negative.

Often this exercise will take another turn as the nametags are switched halfway through. This ensures that others can see how their original adjective affects others, including themselves. The key is that behavior defines how someone feels, not the opposite.

Hopefully, these examples have given you some insight in the type of corporate team building exercises that are available. If you are stuck and need more ideas, a simple Google search can get you back on track. Ensure your event is fun and effective with STOKELY!

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