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Giving Experiences Instead of Gifts

It’s December! And that means gift-giving season. While it’s no secret that during the holidays it’s traditional to give gifts to those you love, that doesn’t necessarily have to mean material things. Year after year, laboring over the perfect gift for friends and family is a nightmare. You may be sneakily trying to find out someone’s t-shirt or shoe size, purchasing another boring scented candle, or finally settling for the inevitable gift card.

This year, rather than a scarf or another throw blanket, we’re encouraging you to consider the gift of an amazing experience. Not to mention, it’s easy to begin feeling the weight of simply drowning in too much stuff. Plus, there’s this amazing bonus: An experience comes sweetly packaged with the gift of a lifelong memory!

Where to Start

If you’re new to this concept, no worries. Hunting down amazing experiences—whether local or not—is not as difficult as you might think. Experiences range from the local rock-climbing gym to a fancy cooking class to a breathtaking hot air balloon ride, and absolutely everything in between. Begin by thinking about what your loved one enjoys. Their hobbies, goals, passions—all of these are going to be the clues to leading you in the right direction. First, narrow down the categories of what you might like to consider. Then, a simple Google search will get you started.

Types of Experiences

Concert or Show Tickets:

If your friend or family member is a music lover, concert tickets to see their favorite artist could be a dream come true. Also, you can always purchase tickets to their favorite traveling Broadway show, or maybe even a comedian that they love. Life is busy and expensive and sometimes it can be difficult to justify spending money on something like show tickets for ourselves. So, this could be just what they’re wishing for.

Local Classes:

Different types of classes exist including art, baking, music, or even fitness. Whether it’s the purchase of a one-time experience or a bundle of classes for them to enjoy, this is an incredible gift option. Maybe your girlfriend has always wanted to try areal yoga or maybe your best friend is obsessed with watching cake-decorating videos and would enjoy learning from a real instructor. This is your chance to make their dreams come to life!

A Memory-Filled Trip:

While this is definitely the most expensive of the experience-giving options, it could also be the most joy-bringing and life-changing. Whether it be skiing, a low-key weekend getaway, or a magical Disney dream, trips are the opportunity to make those priceless lifelong memories that make life worth living.

One of the most amazing added benefits to giving someone an experience is that you have the option to join in on the fun. Grab two tickets to a Broadway show, or two spots in that cake decorating class. Gifting an amazing experience to share with the person you love means creating a memory together. Here’s to gifting something far more valuable than anything item that could be purchased.


Good luck this holiday season and happy giving!