Make Your Tulsa Wedding Special with STOKELY!

You would be hard pressed to find a couple that doesn’t want their wedding to be as special and memorable as possible for both themselves and the family and friends in attendance. Stokely Event Center has been privileged enough to provide venue services for a wide range of Tulsa weddings and provide a unique twist. Here are some ways YOU can make your Tulsa wedding special with STOKELY:

Focus on Décor

Although Stokely Event Center already provides a unique atmosphere that features over 300 nostalgic Tulsa signs, many like to expand their wedding décor to make it more personalized. Focus on creating an atmosphere that signifies your relationship or shared interests to increase memorability. Be creative and use décor that best represents you as a couple for a more memorable experience.

Create a Playlist

Music is one of the most powerful mediums in the world. Many couples can name very specific songs that have made an impact on them throughout their relationship. Compile a list of your favorite songs or songs that signify your relationship for use during the reception. You may also use a slow tempo song that was meaningful from when you dated while walking down the aisle.

Customize Your Cake

In recent years, many couples have ditched the traditional wedding cake or groom cake styles to create something much more unique to their interests. No matter what your favorite activity or pop culture reference is, it is likely that a beautiful cake can be created from it. Flex your creative muscles and depart from the traditional cake for a unique twist.

Non-Traditional Food

One easy way to make your Tulsa wedding memorable is to provide a non-traditional menu during the reception. Instead of the normal, expected wedding foods, give your guests a special treat. If you are a foodie or like to try new foods, incorporate one that you have found and loved into your wedding menu to give your guests a surprise during the reception.

Why Stokely Event Center?

The Stokely Event Center has been providing venue services for the Tulsa area for nearly 8 years. During that time period, we have held a variety of events and are ready to help make your corporate event a success. With our recognized unique settings and a wide variety of free entertainment options within the venue, we have solidified our place as a premier venue in Tulsa. If you are interested in booking the Stokely Event Center for your next corporate event, please call us at 918-600-4448 or submit a reservation request through our online form. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Weddings|July 25, 2023|

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