Make Your Special Day Memorable With a Personalized Wedding

When imagining your ideal wedding day, you may not be as interested in the traditional aspects that so many other couples cling to. That’s fine! Your wedding is one of the most special days you will have in your life and should reflect you and your fiancé as a couple. If you want to make your special day memorable, consider these factors to create a personalized wedding.

Find Your Inspiration

The first step to having a personalized wedding is finding the inspiration that sticks out to you and defines your relationship as a couple. Like the beach or music festivals? Find a way to incorporate the design elements and themes of these things into your wedding. Don’t be afraid to browse Pinterest or Instagram if you are short on ideas.

Fine Tune Your Ideas

Once you have a general idea, it’s time to start refining those ideas to create an overall theme for your wedding. This includes figuring out a suitable venue and potential decorations that could tie your theme together. The goal is to create a cohesive plan that defines your vision clearly to make sure the rest of the wedding planning goes smoothly.

Set The Tone

To further expand on your personalized wedding theme, take the time to incorporate music or elements that lend to the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. Make sure that any elements you incorporate, from music to beverages, help set the tone for your wedding. Ultimately, this is your day and should live up to your own expectations.

Why Choose Stokely Event Center for Your Event?

If you are currently looking for wedding venues in Tulsa for your event, Stokely Event Center can make sure your special day is unforgettable. Guests will love the free-to-play games and a wide assortment of decorative signs. With the flexibility of catering in outside food and drinks, event menus can fit a variety of preferences. Our sound system, projector and screen are included for one great price to meet your audio/visual needs.

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