Planning a High School Reunion

Getting to attend a high school reunion after 10, 15, or even 20 years can be one of the most special and nostalgic ways to take a quick trip down memory lane.  Also, this is the perfect way to reconnect and catch up with old friends. However, a high school reunion can also be one of the more challenging events to organize. With time comes distance. People tend to spread out after graduating from high school. With that being said, it’s best to start nailing down those details quickly.

Find Your Classmates!

One of the first things on your to-do list—if not the most important—is to start tracking down classmates. Get your list of attendees together. Social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn are ideal for this part of your event planning. By beginning with this part of the process, you’ll better be able to wrap your mind around how many old classmates you can expect and prepare for.

Set a Date!

Another one of the very first things that should be settled is the date of your event. The more concrete information that you provide from the get-go, the more likely people are to be able to mark it on their calendars and commit to attending. Choosing to hold your event on a Friday or a Saturday night is preferable. It’s easier for babysitters to be arranged and everyone loves a fun weekend event to look forward to.

Planning Committee

Chances are that a few or more students have stayed in your area and would be willing to invest a little time and energy into this endeavor with you! Form a committee to make the planning process smooth and efficient. Being able to delegate supervision over budget, food, activities, slideshows, and more will mean a more thoroughly thought out evening to be enjoyed by all. It’s also a good idea to put someone in charge of choosing the venue. Stokely Event Center is the ideal location for a high school reunion. Equipped with music, games and nostalgic memorabilia, what better place to host your class trip down memory lane.


Having a small treasure to take home at the end of your high school reunion is just one more special way to hold onto memories of the good old days. Starting thinking about putting together and investing in a T-shirt design to commemorate the event. Once you’ve got your concrete idea in place, you’ll be able to ask for t-shirt sizes on the invitation and be better prepared once the date arrives.

Make it Facebook Official!

Once you’ve gotten the main details into place and tracked down a few old classmates, create a Facebook event for your high school reunion. Remember those souvenirs we mentioned? Your event page is a great place to take a poll and get classmates involved in whether or not they would prefer t-shirts or koozies. Facebook is also a great way to get a solid RSVP list, encourage conversation about plans and activities, share photos, and get excited!

Reunions|July 22, 2023|

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