Planning Adult Parties – Taking Time for Celebrations

When you think of birthday parties, there are a few things that generally come to mind. One of the main ones being kids! Well, here’s some news for you. Amazing birthday parties aren’t just for children. As friends and loved ones grow older and begin to reach the twilight of their life, it becomes that much more important to celebrate their lives and show your love and appreciation for their presence in yours. 

Where to start

Begin with a general idea and theme for your celebration. Whether it’s going to be family-focused or filled with friends, get an idea of who will be attending. This will help propel your planning in the right direction. When trying to cater to an older crowd of guests, it’s important to keep in mind specific details. The details will make this celebration one to remember for your guest of honor. If he or she has recently retired, inviting former employees or co-workers is an amazing way to bring everyone back together for a time of fun, fellowship and celebration.

Choose your location

Stokely Event Center is the ideal space to stir up some healthy nostalgia and take everyone on a trip down memory lane. With over 300 nostalgic Tulsa signs, vintage Route 66 memorabilia, old oil and gas signs and old advertising prints decorating the venue, your event is sure to be memorable. 


With older age comes the slowing down of life. Things take a more laid-back turn and reminiscing about the good old days or funny memories is one of the most heart-warming experiences. Especially for those who may be reluctant to celebrate another trip around the sun. Stokely Event Center is equipped with a projection system ideal for displaying your personal slideshows and memories for every guest to see. What better way to bring everyone together and celebrate a truly special someone? Consider requesting a short video greeting from your guests ahead of time to incorporate into your slideshow. Encourage the sharing of funny memories with your guest of honor to be enjoyed by everyone in attendance. 

If dancing is on the agenda for the evening, take advantage of the amazing sound system available to you and your guests. Ask your guest of honor what sort of music they would like to hear. Play their favorites from “the good old days.” Along with your slideshow, dancing, and fellowship, there’s always room for food and games. Be sure to take into account your honoree’s preferences on food and plan accordingly. Also, keep in mind that no-one is ever too old for trick candles on their birthday cake. 

Stokely Event Center has a team ready to take care of the clean-up at the end of your celebration. We want to help you sort through the details, logistics, and behind-the-scenes bits.  Our goal is to help you host an incredible party so you can spend time making memories with your friends and loved ones, whether they be six or sixty years old. 


Event Planning|July 24, 2023|

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