Planning an Engagement Party

When a couple gets engaged the first thing they normally want to do is share the news with family and friends. An engagement party functions as an opportunity for a couple to gather each member’s friends and family to meet and establish deeper relationships. Essentially, it will be a party to allow others to congratulate a couple’s decision to take the next step.

When to Invite

It is important guests have at least a month’s notice to plan on attending. The engagement party should be held early enough that it doesn’t interfere with wedding planning, so having it 9 to 11 months prior to the wedding is recommended. This will be a great time to relax before worrying about preparations for the wedding itself.

Who to Invite

Even if a small wedding is the eventual end goal, that doesn’t mean an engagement party can’t be an open affair. Allowing family and friends to bring their family and friends as well, even they aren’t expected to be invited to the wedding. However, closed engagement parties are also an option if it makes the host more comfortable or other restrictions are limiting factors.

Invitations for an engagement party can be as simple as an e-mail or customized homemade invitations for a personal touch. Since the wedding planning hasn’t started yet, matching stationary and color schemes is not necessary at this point. The primary goal is to have fun and let family and friends meet each other.

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