Planning for Graduation

As the middle of the spring is upon us, graduation season is right around the corner. That means it’s time to begin thinking about graduation dinners, parties, trips, and gifts. Just like with any other event or party, the more early preparation that can be achieved, the better. 

Plan a Party

It is easy to just dive right in and start with all the basics such as date, location, food, etc… However, keep in mind that this party is to celebrate the amazing achievements of your graduate. That means that he or she may want to be more involved in the planning. To streamline things… consider partnering with the families of close friends of your graduate to throw a joint party! This is a great way to create even more incredible memories. It’s also an amazing option to share costs and free up those already busy calendars. 

Once you’ve decided on whether the party will celebrate just one graduate or be for a group of friends, it is important to nail down the guest list. Naturally, joint graduation celebrations tend to require a larger space as the number of guests will be higher. Get your guest list together as early as possible to be able to effectively begin searching for a venue.

Stokely Event Center here in Tulsa is the ideal location for a bright, fun, and lively celebration of your students. Our space is already equipped with an incredible sound system, games, tables and chairs, and even a team that’s ready to help tear down and clean up at the end of the night. Our space also houses a projector and screens to be able to play slideshows and show all of those embarrassing baby pictures one last time.

Finally, Once you have chosen your date, venue, and know your number of guests, you can begin making concrete plans for food, activities, keepsakes and more. 


Choosing a gift is always tricky. Especially when commemorating an incredible milestone like a graduation. You want to make sure that your gift is meaningful and special. When considering perhaps a very large gift, it’s always a good idea to do your homework. Ask around, get insight and input from those closest to your graduate in order to choose the best option. Gifts for graduation can range greatly. From the very practical gift of some extra money to help with preparing for the next season of life, to a special keepsake to remember this milestone. Another amazing idea to consider is the gift of an experience. Taking a trip after graduation is a special way to close one chapter of life and begin the next one with incredible memories. 

Whether you choose to go the route of a financial gift, an amazing trip, or something material, your thoughtfulness will shine through and be a demonstration of your love and support of an amazing life milestone! 

If you’d like to consider Stokely Event Center as a venue option, it only takes 10 minutes to stop by, check out the space, and commit to a date! We’d love to host your event and make it a memorable celebration of those you love and are proud of. We hope to see you soon!


Social Events|July 22, 2023|

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