Planning the Perfect Spring Wedding

Spring has always been a popular time to have a wedding because of the wide selection of flowers and warm weather. However, this doesn’t come without its own risks as the weather can typically be very unpredictable. If you are trying to plan the perfect spring wedding, here are a few of the considerations that you should keep in mind throughout the process.

Embrace The Season

Throughout the spring, flowers will be in full bloom and can lend a beautiful, creative touch to your wedding decorations. If you have a favorite flower, it’s likely that it will be available during this season just in time for your perfect spring wedding. Embrace the season and take advantage of the excellent decoration options that will be available from your local florist.

Limit Sun Exposure

It’s hard to have a great time if you are hot the entire time or risking a sunburn. This of it this way, if your wedding guests are dressing up in formal attire, such as suits and dresses, it can be hard to justify spending the majority of the day in the sun. Instead, make sure your reception is indoors even if you opt for an outdoor wedding to enjoy the weather.

Use Seasonal Produce

The perfect spring wedding isn’t complete without taking advantage of seasonal produce that is only available throughout during the spring. Think of creative ways to introduce rhubarb, artichoke, raspberries or other product that may be available. This is a great way to incorporate the season into your final plans.

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