Planning the Perfect Graduation Party: Tips for Success

Graduation is an exciting time of life – this celebration marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. With graduation season quickly approaching, we wanted to share a few tips for planning the perfect graduation party!

Keep the Graduate in Mind

Perhaps the most important aspect of planning a perfect graduation party is to keep the graduate in mind! While this should go without saying, too many graduation parties turn into traditional events, void of character. Involve your graduate in the planning process as much as possible. Asking them about the type of celebration they have in mind.

Some questions you can ask to ensure you are keeping your graduate in mind include the following:

  • Who would you like to invite to your graduation party?
  • What type of atmosphere would you like to create?
  • Are you envisioning a laid-back celebration or an evening of festivities?


By involving your graduate in the party planning process, you will ensure that they truly feel loved and celebrated on their big day! 

Add Unique, Personal Touches to Your Party

Along with planning a party that reflects the desires of your graduate, consider how you can display their personality through the various aspects of the celebration. A few of the primary ways you can add a unique touch to your party include decor, food, and general atmosphere.

Ask your graduate what type of music they would like to play. Perhaps they could even assist you in making a playlist with some of their favorite songs! Most importantly, remember that this party is to celebrate THEM, not you. You may not agree with some of their food or decor preferences. However, these compromises will go a long way in making the day as memorable as possible for your graduate.

Consider Alternative Party Times

One of the biggest problems we see during the graduation party is that everyone schedules their party for the same weekend. It is certainly fun to celebrate your graduate immediately following their ceremony. However, this often results in many friends and family members having scheduling conflicts.

Additionally, your graduate may not be able to attend some of their closest friends’ celebrations either! To avoid this frustrating problem consider alternative party times for your graduation celebration. 

Planning your celebration a few weeks before or after the graduation ceremony will help to ensure a great turnout for your graduate.

Choose a Convenient Graduation Party Venue

The final tip for planning the perfect graduation party is to choose a convenient venue. This will ensure that your guests can attend and easily locate your celebration! By celebrating at Stokely Event Center, you will eliminate frustrating parking challenges for your guests. This will ensure an enjoyable celebration for everyone involved!

Stokely Event Center wants to partner with you to create a memorable event for your loved one in celebration of their graduation! We offer a wide range of services to simplify your event including free cleanup following your graduation party. 

To learn more about hosting your graduation party at Stokely Event Center, call our team at (918) 600-4448 or submit a reservation request here.  

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