Planning the Perfect Prom

Everyone loves a good reason to get dressed up! It’s a rare and exciting experience that you want to make unforgettable, but let’s be real—it can be intimidating to think of trying to put together a memorable evening. Whether in the form of prom, a formal dance, or something more semi-formal, this should be a night to remember.

Get Organized

Whether you plan to form a committee of students or are a group of parents or teachers tasked with putting together this night to remember, you’ll want to delegate. Dividing up tasks, projects and to-dos is going to be the most efficient way for your night to come together. As with any event, nailing down the date and location should be the first thing on your list. Once you have established the location, you’ll be able to begin making other decisions. From food to music, to decorations, and more, there are lots of decisions to make.

Stokely Event Center presents a fun and unique space for occasions such as this. With room for dancing, lots of vintage memorabilia and amazing lighting, our space is a breath of fresh air when it comes to typical event venues. Dances and Proms are all about a good time and we are more than equipped to make it happen.


This is your first opportunity to get everyone excited. Splurging a little and getting something that looks fun and fancy is the perfect introduction to your event. Your invitation should be telling of what type of event you will be holding. Is it formal? Semi-formal? Dare I say, black-tie? The design of the invitation should reflect the level of formality that is intended for the evening. Aside from the date, time, and location consider including additional information regarding topics such as the dress code and dinner.


When it comes to deciding on your menu for a night like this, first decide what kind of meal or refreshments you will be serving. If you are planning a sit-down dinner, consider options that will be accommodating for large groups of people. Consider adding a note on the invitation about who to contact if a substitute will be necessary for dietary purposes.

Apart from a sit-down dinner, there is also the option of a more come-and-go refreshment area. Sometimes, this is the better alternative when it comes to accommodating large groups of people for an extended amount of time. Just take into account the number of guests that will be in attendance. Be sure to plan to have enough food and refreshments to last the duration of the evening.


There are several options to consider when it comes to entertainment. In an effort to keep away from the mundane iPod playlist, a live band or a DJ are always exciting additions to an occasion like yours. Live music brings a special life and energy to a space. It can create an unforgettable ambiance while DJs are professionals in keeping the perfect flow and rhythm to the evening. If you’re unsure about how to go about hiring a live band or a DJ, try checking with your venue for recommendations about live local music for hire.

While this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to prepping for a formal event, you’re now well on your way to creating some pretty amazing moments and memories. Stop by Stokely Event Center to check out the space, see all there is to offer and reserve the date for your unforgettable event. We’ll see you soon!

Social Events|July 25, 2023|

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