Planning the Ultimate High School Reunion

Thinking about planning your upcoming high school reunion? Whether it’s been 5 or 50 years, there’s no doubt that everyone is excited to catch up with old friends and reminisce about the “good old days”. But where do you start? How can you make sure your reunion is a success?

In this blog post, we will provide tips and advice on how to plan the ultimate high school reunion!

How to Plan a High School Reunion People Will Attend

The most important part of planning a high school reunion is making sure that people attend! Here are a few tips to make sure everyone shows up:

Personalize Your Invitations

Send out invitations that include the names of each class member, as well as information about what they’ve been up to since graduation. This will help everyone feel like they are truly invited and that their presence is appreciated.

Ask for Input

What is the best way to plan an event that people will want to attend? Ask your guest list what they want the event to look like! Although this will take a bit of forethought, it will be worth it in the long run.

Create a Facebook Event

Creating a Facebook event is an easy and free way to keep everyone updated on the latest reunion news. Be sure to include all the important details, such as the date, time, and location of the event.

Make it a Weekend Event

Planning your reunion for a Friday or Saturday night will make it easier for people to attend since they won’t have to take time off from work. Planning activities for both Friday and Saturday will also give everyone something to do and plenty of time to catch up with old friends.

Choose a Central Location

Choosing a central location is key to making sure everyone can attend. If your school is located in a rural area, consider holding the reunion in a nearby city that is more accessible for everyone.

Keep it Affordable

Make sure to keep the cost of the reunion affordable for everyone by finding sponsorships and looking for discounts on venues and activities. At Stokely Event Center, we work to provide an affordable event venue with plenty of amenities to make your reunion a success!

Offer Exciting Entertainment

Whether it be a kickball competition, talent show, or casino night, make sure to offer activities that will get everyone involved and excited about attending the reunion.

Many times, people hesitate to attend their high school reunion because they don’t want to relive the awkwardness of their teenage years. However, with a little planning and thoughtfulness, you can make sure your reunion is a fun and memorable event for everyone involved!

Plan Your High School Reunion at Stokely Event Center

Stokely Event Center is the perfect place to host your upcoming high school reunion! We offer a unique venue, flexibility to choose your vendors, and a variety of amenities to make your reunion a success!

Call our team at (918)600-4448 or submit a reservation request here to begin the process. We look forward to celebrating your upcoming high school reunion!

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