STOKELY Makes Tulsa Corporate Events Fun!

Over time corporate events have gotten a bad reputation. There’s no reason that your employees should have to be bored to tears and zone out of everything that is being said. Fortunately, with a corporate event at Stokely Event Center, you can keep your employees engaged and excited!

Regardless of the size of your company, Stokely Event Center has the equipment and space you need to ensure your corporate event goes off without a hitch. With our unique atmosphere and free-play arcade games, your employees can get a much-needed boost during break periods. When you book your corporate event at Stokely Event Center, YOU will be the office hero!

Tips for Successful Corporate Events

It’s not impossible to have a corporate event that is both informative and enjoyable. There are many moving parts that must be considered when planning your event. Here are some tips for planning the best event for your employees:

  • Budgeting – It is important to set a budget before planning your event. A successful budget should include all necessary components to make the event a success, like food, venue and entertainment. Once the budget is established, you can begin planning your event.
  • Planning – Creating a detailed plan for your event with adequate time in advance will help ensure your event is successful. Having a written-out guideline for the planners will ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Venue – Choosing the right venue for your event is critical to set the right tone. If the venue doesn’t encourage fun, your employees likely won’t be very receptive to the information. Fortunately, STOKELY has everything you need for a successful corporate event in Tulsa.
  • Entertainment – Depending on your company culture, you may be interested in hiring entertainment to assist in keeping your employees entertained. This could be a band, magician or any other form of entertainment you may think of. However, remember to keep track of this in your budget.

Why Stokely Event Center?

The Stokely Event Center has been providing venue services for the Tulsa area for nearly 8 years. During that time period, we have held a variety of events and are ready to help make your corporate event a success. With our recognized unique settings and a wide variety of free entertainment options within the venue, we have solidified our place as a premier venue in Tulsa. If you are interested in booking the Stokely Event Center for your next corporate event, please call us at 918-600-4448 or submit a reservation request through our online form. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Corporate Events|July 24, 2023|

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