How To Plan the Perfect Family Reunion

How To Plan the Perfect Family Reunion

The warmer seasons are the ideal time to start thinking about bringing the family together. We are strong believers in spending time with the ones we love most—especially those that we don’t get to see as often! — Why wait until the holiday season at the very end of the year?

Where to begin!

Choosing a date in advance is always a great place to start. When trying to bring together a large group of people, coordinating schedules and organizing a day can be a difficult task. The earlier you can make that decision, the more likely that everyone will be able to plan accordingly. Stokely Event Center is the ideal location for a family get-together. We have hosted family events that lasted two, even three days! Keep this in mind when planning your event. Especially if family is traveling in from out of town, you want to make the most out of every second of their stay! Not to mention, our space is a fun-filled trip down memory lane, full of nostalgia and signage from Route 66 and numerous games and activities for all ages.

What’s Next?

After you’ve chosen the date, it’s time to delegate! This event is a family effort and there is no need for the entire planning process to be on any one person alone! Assigning jobs, even small ones, to different family members can take a huge load off. Consider collaborating about themes, invitations, menu, even the guest list! Not only will you complete your planning to-do list quicker, but you’ll also be able to share ideas and receive helpful input!

Event Activities

Family reunions are an amazing time to catch up, tell stories, relive memories, and most importantly, create new ones! Consider planning a handful of games and activities to give some structure to the timeline of your event. At Stokely Event Center you’ll find ping pong tables, corn hole boards, and life-size Jenga—giving your family the perfect outlet for a little healthy competition. Our space is also ideal for picnics and BBQs if a fun grill master competition is on your agenda.

What’s on the Menu?

At events like this, food can easily become one of the main attractions. This is a great outlet to ask family members to pitch in and bring their famous dishes! Potluck-style reunions allow everyone a chance to participate, help out, and bring back fun memories. However, we know what you’re thinking. Big events mean big messes! But no sweat! Did you know that Stokely Event Center includes clean-up services with every event held in our space? You can just go ahead and check that little bit off your to-do list!

Make It Happen.

We want to play a part in your perfect family reunion and have every resource you need to make it happen. It takes only 10 minutes to swing by, check us out, and book your date! Start planning now, create incredible memories, and celebrate a job well done when it all comes together. See you soon!









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