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Prom season is nearly upon us! If you haven’t started making plans for your event yet, now is most certainly the time. Our Tulsa prom venue has a wide range of amenities that are perfect for pulling off a great prom night without a hitch.

Events take a lot of planning! And the pressure of taking care of all of these details on your own can be a lot to handle. So with that said, we present to you some of our top tips for delivering a great prom this year.

Tulsa Prom Venue

Choose the Right Theme

If you want to deliver a great prom, it’s important that you establish your theme towards the beginning of your planning process. We recommend doing research in this area. The theme of your prom can make or break the event, so make sure you choose something “with the times” that appeals to as many people as possible. A prom without a theme is like a cake without icing. It just doesn’t work! So do your research, and we’re confident everyone will be happy.

At our Tulsa prom venue, we’ve got decor ready to go with tons of historic Tulsa signs and other memorabilia. Even if you don’t hang a single streamer, we know the guests of your prom will love our Tulsa prom venue.

Have a Team

You’ve heard it said, “Teamwork makes this dream work.” This certainly rings true when it comes to delivering a fun event! Find some other like-minded individuals that are willing to work with you through the planning process. Having even just a couple of extra people on your side as you’re planning can make things WAY less stressful.

Speaking of teams, our team at Stokely Event Center wants to help in any way that we can. We’ve seen just a few parties in our time here, so we’re more than happy to give you our input and recommendations. Just ask!

Make it Loud!

No one likes a prom where they’ve skimped on a nice loud, speaker system to blast today’s latest hits! Half the fun of prom is grooving on the dance floor, so make sure you deliver some quality tunes and quality audio for all of your guests.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a Tulsa prom venue that came ready to go with a sound system? Oh, wait. There’s us! We’ve got all the equipment you need to just plug in and get the party started. Have your own amazing speaker system you want to use? That’s fine too.

Choose the Right Location

We think it goes without saying, but location is important!!! Do your research to find the best prom venue in Tulsa, or just take it from us that we’re the best Tulsa prom venue around. Don’t believe us? We would love to show you otherwise. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see why we’re the only place to be this prom season.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these prom tips! We wish you a great prom event and a smooth planning process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about choosing Stokely Event Center as your Tulsa prom venue.