Winter Event Planning

We know what you’re thinking—why is it so COLD? It’s no secret that winter is going long here in Tulsa and that can inconvenience just about any situation—especially when you’re in the middle of trying to plan an important event. Whether you’re focused on the perfect 10th birthday party or a shower to welcome that sweet new baby, what happens if chilly weather interferes with all of your genius thinking ahead? Keep reading for some tips and tricks about planning the perfect winter-weathered event.

Now, where will I host my event?

If you’re finding your perfect plans disrupted, don’t fret! We can help. When we first envision our dream event, we imagine a sunny, pleasant day with bluebirds chirping and a warm breeze blowing, but Mother Nature and some frigid Tulsa air are trying to help you stretch your creative muscles and get you to work a little harder for it. But no worries. Stokely Event Center provides the perfect outlet for a variety of event types. From birthday parties to bachelorette parties—did you know that we even host weddings? A cozy environment offers the perfect solution against windy, icy, otherwise gloomy days. With vibrant colors and an effective heating system, we’ve got you covered. ;) We can embrace that chilly day with open, sweater covered arms.

The perfect combination of vibrant and fun, mixed with nostalgic paraphernalia from Route 66 and old Tulsa, it’s an all-age demographic dream. On our website, you can find an array of “turn-key” amenities and birthday party themes that are easy to plan and literally ready to go. From your strong little superhero and all of his side-kicks to your favorite girl and her pretty-in-pink Sweet 16 dream, check out the list for an option that could be the perfect fit.

We know what you’re thinking. Sometimes being forced to host an event indoors means sacrificing games and activities that are generally otherwise played on the grass—but lucky you! Stokely Event Center has just installed new Ping Pong and Cornhole game setups, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t know a single person who can resist a good round of Cornhole.

Check it off your to-do list!

Is it just us or is it possible that our lives have just continued to get busier and busier as the years go on? That’s certainly how we’re feeling these days. The last thing you need is a couple of frigid, inconsiderate, wintery gusts piling themselves onto your already mile-high to-do list. It’s not like you don’t already have enough on your plate! Here we’ve set up a little three-step checklist of our own to help make this process simpler. It’s easy:

  1. Visit for a variety of options and themes that are available to set your little planner mind at ease. Check out your options! What could it hurt?
  2.  Stop by your favorite coffee shop and grab a warm beverage to help you brave the cold.
  3. Come by Stokely Event Center! It takes ten minutes to stop in and make the decision that will take all the stress off.

That’s it! You can thank us later <3

Event Planning|July 22, 2023|

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