You’re Engaged! Now What Happens?

You planned the perfect proposal and executed it flawlessly, or not so flawlessly, and your significant other gave you a resounding “YES!”. Congratulations, you are officially engaged and the fun and stress of wedding planning can begin! Here is a crash course on what you need to do immediately following your accepted proposal.

Begin the Celebration

Becoming engaged to the person you love is definitely a cause for celebration that should not only be shared between you two but your families and friends as well. Before you start calling your families or showing your ring off on social media, you likely will want to spend some time celebrating alone first while taking this next step in your relationship. This is a great time to begin remembering the good times you’ve shared and focusing on creating your future together.

Pick a Date

The first step you should take after the initial celebration has ended is picking the perfect date for your wedding day. Make sure you plan it far enough in advance to allow yourself time to work out all of the kinks and ensure everything turns out exactly like you want it to. This will also ensure that you have plenty of time to send out wedding invitations and collect more RSVPs from friends and families.

Start Wedding Planning

There are likely two routes you can take to start planning your wedding, you can either try DIY wedding planning or invest in the services of a wedding planner. However, be forewarned, wedding planning can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. If you feel like you don’t have the time needed to successfully plan your wedding, ditch the stress and opt for a wedding planner.

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