Tulsa Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Tulsa Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Venue | Stokely Event Center

Getting married is an incredible experience, but a lot goes into the planning process that can be easy to neglect. One very important thing you shouldn’t neglect as you plan your wedding is your rehearsal dinner and Tulsa wedding rehearsal dinner venue.

While the big day itself is very important, your friends and loved ones will also remember your rehearsal dinner for years to come, so it’s worth putting in a little extra effort to make sure that it’s a hit. Having hosted thousands of events over the years, here is some of our top advice concerning your wedding rehearsal dinner venue.

Make Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Memorable 

Tulsa Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Weddings, while beautiful, can oftentimes blur together for those who attended several of them a year. A great way that you can combat this is by making your wedding rehearsal dinner memorable!

Do something different! Don’t be afraid to break the mold. Your wedding is a time to celebrate your uniqueness and the things that you love, and your rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity to go all out.

If you’re in the Tulsa area (or even if you’re not) Stokely Event Center is a great place to have a wedding rehearsal dinner that your friends and loved ones will never forget. Our unique decorations with hundreds of historic Tulsa signs and memorabilia make for the perfect backdrop for your special occasion.

Choose a Rehearsal Dinner Venue that Can Fit Everyone 

When it comes to your wedding rehearsal dinner, the more the merrier! Your wedding rehearsal dinner is a great time to celebrate with your closest friends and family members, but as you’re selecting a wedding rehearsal dinner venue in Tulsa, you should make sure that it is sizable enough to hold all of the guests that you plan on having in attendance.

Nothing is worse than trying to squeeze everyone into a local restaurant last minute, so it pays to plan and book ahead to ensure you’ve got a venue ready to go that can meet all of your needs.

One great aspect of Stokely Event Center is how we’re able to adjust the size of our venue to the needs of our guests. Whether you’re planning on a small gathering with only a few people or a large gathering with all of your friends, we’ve got incredible facilities ready to go to handle it.

Make Your Rehearsal Dinner Fun 

No one likes a boring get-together. Young and old, everyone enjoys having a good time. As you’re planning your wedding rehearsal dinner and selecting your Tulsa wedding rehearsal dinner venue, think about how you will entertain your guests. Sure, there will be food, and maybe some speeches from friends and family, but how can you take things up a notch?

At Stokely Event Center, not only do we have a great dance floor and speaker system ready to go, but we also have TONS of arcade games set to free play mode so that all of those attending will always have something entertaining to do. This can be especially helpful if you know that you’re going to have young children in attendance.

Thank you for checking out these wedding rehearsal dinner venue tips! We wish you all the best on your big day. If you’re interested in learning more about Stokely Event Center, you can find more information here.